Children Belong in Families.   

Intercountry Adoption to the United States has plummeted over the last 13 years and is now at historic lows. Yet hundreds of thousands of orphaned and abandoned children around the world are left waiting in institutions or on the streets, in desperate need of the nurture, protection, and care that a family can best provide. Thousands of American families have indicated a willingness to adopt, but so few are able. This is not acceptable.

We aim to be a reasoned voice of truth and accountability, expecting all entities in the adoption community and those who oversee them, to adhere to the same standard of integrity and commitment to the best interests of children and adoptive families. We stand in support of those stakeholders who seek to provide ethical, transparent child welfare and adoption services, yet are crippled by governmental overregulation and anti-adoption policies. We partner with organizations that are like-minded in commitment to the human rights of vulnerable and unparented children, the importance of intercountry adoption, and the need for a healthy, collaborative relationship between stakeholders at every level.

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The Coalition for Intercountry Adoption was formed in 2018 to unite individuals, families and organizations who are ready to learn, collaborate, and advocate to support and strengthen Intercountry Adoption as a priority option for waiting children in need of a permanent, prepared, loving family.



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